Friday, July 13, 2012

Recycle Socks

While raising my children, I actually tried this next project.  It is a great idea. Literally.

My grandmother, (may she rest in peace) was the most frugal person I had ever had the pleasure of knowing. In second place, my mother,  who of course learned from grandma.

My grandma had a use for everything. Worn out clothes became curtains, pillows, pillow cases, pin cushions, quilts. So did the tops of old socks.  I don't know if this happens in your home, but in mine, the children's socks would wear out at the bottom fast while the top would be new, even while wearing those cute little animal slippers.

When the bottom of the sock would wear out, the top of the sock  looks in good condition. Grandma would wash and dry the socks.  She would then cut the top of the socks off, and throw away the bottom.  Next she would cut it open to lay flat then sew the edges to keep it from fraying. 

She would then gather the rest of the sock tops she had saved until she gets enough for  the desired size of quilt she wanted. She would then sew the sock tops together. It will look like an unfinished quilt.  She would then add an inexpensive but beautiful piece of material to cover the stitches on the back side of the quilt. Then to balance and anchor the quilt she would either sew stitches throughout the quilt trying not to stretch it or would use yarn in different colors and knot it throughout the quilt.  Believe me it is the warmest quilt you would ever use on a bed. Sometimes she would use flannel in place of socks. She not only saved a lot of money but she use material that can be recycled. Which cost her nothing, but just a little of her time.

I am not saying go back to the middle ages or anything.  What I am saying is, many of the things that help people back in the past can also help just as much in the present.  Today too many useful thing are being toss away that are in good condition.  Well someone else could use it. Take a few minutes and give it to goodwill or to a thrift store. When you toss things away they go to landfills and just sit there for years and years slowly deteriorating. That is not good.
Now come on, there is nothing wrong with saving the earth, reducing pollution and all that.  Recycling so important,  It requires a little extra work but worth the time and effort.  I happen to like  It has lots of recycling ideas.

More Recycle websites.  Recycling magazine by giving them to the needy.  This is an incrediable website.  I love it.   How to stop junk mail. How to get rid of antifreeze.    Recycling cd's.

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