Sunday, July 15, 2012

Frugal Lifestyle

Do You Have The Frugal Lifestyle

Frugal life requires skills and ways of seeing things that help you take advantage of opportunities to save money. A genuine frugal person, makes these habits real. Some of these patterns is described below. These are techniques that can be learned within a day or two, and can become newly formed habits within a few weeks. Then you need to look forward saving money for you for the rest of you life.

 1. Frugal life requires an understanding of values.  How can anyone get a good price on a car if they do not know what a great offer is. Educate yourself on prices, especially before you are ready to purchase any item. It takes some time to review listings for sale, for example, to know what homes are selling for in a particular area, but this is knowledge that can save you so much money.

 2. Don't be afraid to learn from other people. Most of us know someone who always gets the best deal on cars, boats, houses, or even grocery stores. Approach them and ask how they do it. One person will tell you the cheapest coffee in town is $ 3 per cup, while another will say one dollar.  There are people who are close to living a good life on a lower income bracket than you. Look into it. See how they save and do things to accomplish their frugal lifestyle.

 3. Frugal life means always looking for new ways to save. You can still have a good time traveling, even if it is not in Jamaica.  There are plenty of places in the United State where many have not traveled.  Even in small towns, there could be visions of beauty everywhere. Don't forget your camera.

Or perhaps you happen to enjoy the pizza, instead of going out, make your own. It is so much cheaper. You can add even more ingredients on the top that would cost you an extra ten dollars, if you went out and purchase one. 

 4. If you can, always pay in cash. You will avoid the interest you must pay when you have to make payment each month by credit card if you are late with payment.  Everything is cheaper when paid in cash rather than credit. If you want your new patio set, divide the price by the number of weeks you can expect to get it. Set aside that amount each week, and buy for cash when you have the money. You not only save on interest, but often get a better price when you pay in cash.

5.  Did you know that some stores are taking advantage of the supposed buyers that think bigger is always cheaper?  That large bag of rice might actually cost more than four smaller bags of rice equal in pounds. Do the math, if you want to save money

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