Monday, July 30, 2012

Organize Your Bills

An organizer of all the monthly bills is very important to maintain positive cash flow. Quite simply, what cash flow is coming in or out are two important aspects of one's financial stability.

It painful when you have to pay more than you wish on your bills. Taxes are inevitable, but late fees can be slowed to zero.

 For the majority of us is the credit card that hits us the hardest. A common mistake which is not so frugal is to Use credit cards until you max out and pay a little towards the card each month.

 By the time you realize your credit card bill will be a lot larger than you have intended even higher than the expense incurred with gigantic interest charges and those sneaky late fees. For some, would be the telephone bills and internet bills, gas and electricity and the list goes on.

Have you ever read a book, a best-seller on finance? The first thing that shown to you is organizing your expenses before you can start saving. Start by getting a monthly bill organizer. The money you save in interest rates and huge late fees actually go into your savings. An  organizer for your bills and your mail can certainly help how you spend money. 

 Many individuals fall behind on their bills because they simply can not keep track of them all, and therefore end up forgetting to pay anything at all. It is also very difficult to stay within your budget when you have no idea how much you have spent. This is where a bill statement organizer comes in.

It allows you to file your bills, so you will be able to look and immediately find the bill needed. It organize your bill so that you can quickly excess your cash flow and if needed you will be able to make the adjustments quickly.  It helps you to discern where adjustment is needed to improve your situation.

 Keeping track of your spending is certainly a skill rarely used today, which is not really taught much in school, and this is why so many people have so much trouble staying on target in their lives.  If you do not have your finances in order, you are in serious trouble.

 Unfortunately, today in school that are often taught accounting, history, and so many other subject, but very rarely taught how to manage money.   This maybe one of the main reasons why many people have problems with their finances. Fortunately for you, an organizer of the monthly bill can take some serious pressure off you.

Depending on how many bills you receive each month, you may only need a small container or a larger wood, plastic box that has different slots for different bills. Place it on your desk or near your dining table coffee, where you can find them.

 This way you do not miss a payment. If you can get a small sliding door attached to the organizer that would be good for keeping pens, hand controls. Otherwise, you can place a pencil holder near your organizer. This organizer will make your corner clutter free you will find your statements and invoices carefully stacked and not crumpled it in your drawer.

 So now you can do away with those late fees, and keep a little extra money in your wallet.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Frugal Lifestyle

Do You Have The Frugal Lifestyle

Frugal life requires skills and ways of seeing things that help you take advantage of opportunities to save money. A genuine frugal person, makes these habits real. Some of these patterns is described below. These are techniques that can be learned within a day or two, and can become newly formed habits within a few weeks. Then you need to look forward saving money for you for the rest of you life.

 1. Frugal life requires an understanding of values.  How can anyone get a good price on a car if they do not know what a great offer is. Educate yourself on prices, especially before you are ready to purchase any item. It takes some time to review listings for sale, for example, to know what homes are selling for in a particular area, but this is knowledge that can save you so much money.

 2. Don't be afraid to learn from other people. Most of us know someone who always gets the best deal on cars, boats, houses, or even grocery stores. Approach them and ask how they do it. One person will tell you the cheapest coffee in town is $ 3 per cup, while another will say one dollar.  There are people who are close to living a good life on a lower income bracket than you. Look into it. See how they save and do things to accomplish their frugal lifestyle.

 3. Frugal life means always looking for new ways to save. You can still have a good time traveling, even if it is not in Jamaica.  There are plenty of places in the United State where many have not traveled.  Even in small towns, there could be visions of beauty everywhere. Don't forget your camera.

Or perhaps you happen to enjoy the pizza, instead of going out, make your own. It is so much cheaper. You can add even more ingredients on the top that would cost you an extra ten dollars, if you went out and purchase one. 

 4. If you can, always pay in cash. You will avoid the interest you must pay when you have to make payment each month by credit card if you are late with payment.  Everything is cheaper when paid in cash rather than credit. If you want your new patio set, divide the price by the number of weeks you can expect to get it. Set aside that amount each week, and buy for cash when you have the money. You not only save on interest, but often get a better price when you pay in cash.

5.  Did you know that some stores are taking advantage of the supposed buyers that think bigger is always cheaper?  That large bag of rice might actually cost more than four smaller bags of rice equal in pounds. Do the math, if you want to save money

Friday, July 13, 2012

Recycle Socks

While raising my children, I actually tried this next project.  It is a great idea. Literally.

My grandmother, (may she rest in peace) was the most frugal person I had ever had the pleasure of knowing. In second place, my mother,  who of course learned from grandma.

My grandma had a use for everything. Worn out clothes became curtains, pillows, pillow cases, pin cushions, quilts. So did the tops of old socks.  I don't know if this happens in your home, but in mine, the children's socks would wear out at the bottom fast while the top would be new, even while wearing those cute little animal slippers.

When the bottom of the sock would wear out, the top of the sock  looks in good condition. Grandma would wash and dry the socks.  She would then cut the top of the socks off, and throw away the bottom.  Next she would cut it open to lay flat then sew the edges to keep it from fraying. 

She would then gather the rest of the sock tops she had saved until she gets enough for  the desired size of quilt she wanted. She would then sew the sock tops together. It will look like an unfinished quilt.  She would then add an inexpensive but beautiful piece of material to cover the stitches on the back side of the quilt. Then to balance and anchor the quilt she would either sew stitches throughout the quilt trying not to stretch it or would use yarn in different colors and knot it throughout the quilt.  Believe me it is the warmest quilt you would ever use on a bed. Sometimes she would use flannel in place of socks. She not only saved a lot of money but she use material that can be recycled. Which cost her nothing, but just a little of her time.

I am not saying go back to the middle ages or anything.  What I am saying is, many of the things that help people back in the past can also help just as much in the present.  Today too many useful thing are being toss away that are in good condition.  Well someone else could use it. Take a few minutes and give it to goodwill or to a thrift store. When you toss things away they go to landfills and just sit there for years and years slowly deteriorating. That is not good.
Now come on, there is nothing wrong with saving the earth, reducing pollution and all that.  Recycling so important,  It requires a little extra work but worth the time and effort.  I happen to like  It has lots of recycling ideas.

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