Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Little Help To Lower The Cost Of Your Groceries

Lower The Cost Of Your Groceries

Just like the show on television where you need to know the prices of the grocery item to win a prize, the same applies when you go shopping for groceries. The prize you will win is less money leaving your purse or wallet.

Knowing the normal prices of items can help you greatly on the journey to spending less money. It will help you to know if you are getting a good deal or not. Which makes the question of whether to purchase the item much easier.

I have found that the best deals are usually on the lowest shelves. Most grocery stores will put items in the middle area of the shelves so that you will be most likely to purchase them. Usually these are the higher priced items.

Try not to buy junk foods. They are very low in nutrition, and we tend to buy more than necessary, thus spending money that can be used on something more nutritous.

Though sometimes it can be hard, try not to buy more than you need. This can be a very wasteful practice.

Do not buy items that are considered a convience, example, onions that are already sliced. Your best bet is to buy and slice yourself. And compare the price afterwards and see just how much you have saved on doing it yourself.

When at the cash register, watch the prices of the item as they are being ringed up. Sometimes prices are not what they seemed on the shelves, and be sure to tell the cashier once you spot the wrong price.

Do not just grab a gallon of milk out of the refrigerator at that store. Check the date, or you might bring home a gallon spoiled milk or milk that will spoil too soon.

Try buying the store brand of a item you usually purchase. Sometimes it can taste as good or better that the name brand item you are use to buying.

Couponing will help you to greatly reduce the cost of your groceries. Sometimes an item can be taken home completely free to you. Try looking in your Sunday paper, clip and save.

Lets not forget, growing your own vegetables can help that grocery bill.

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