Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rescue Recipe Saver

Many of us love to purchase books on many subjects but found it may clutter your home. I am a lover of Recipe Books, sewing books, home decor books. If you are like me, you hate it when you go to a book store, and find a book that has only one recipe in it of interest to you. You cannot purchase the book because of that ONE recipe, it would be a waste of money and library space.

What To Do?

This is what I did to solve that problem. I call it my Rescue Recipe Saver.

First do not forget to write down the recipe. Go buy a 3 inch binder with the plastic cover sleeve. (To give book an identity). Also purchase page protectors, you do not need to get the really expensive ones. Try to find the ones that have twenty protectors for a dollar. Some dollar stores have them.

You rewrite or type the recipe onto computer paper or notebook paper, if you wish and place it inside the protector and then transfer to binder. WA LA! You have rescued your recipe without having to buy the whole book. You can keep this collection going if you chose, and you can make up your own recipes to add into your book.


But do to copyright legal issues you cannot copy a recipe and claim it as your own or use it in a blog or any publish articles, books, etc. I use My Rescue Recipe Saver for home use only.

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