Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Look What I Did!

While driving home several days ago, I just happened to see four worned out chairs sitting outside, waiting to be picked up by the trash man. These were steady strong chairs with welded steel frames. I just couldn't believe the ex-owner was throwing them out.

So I picked up all the chairs and took them home with me. I washed the chairs with one of those miniature machines that deep cleans. I allow them to dry for a whole day. I had an old yellow rusty colored upholster material so, I decided to use that. I took a good look at the chairs to see if I could find a way to repair them with out bringing out the big guns, like clamps, glue etc. Well all I needed was the sewing machine and staple gun.

The chairs had screws to hold in the back rest, the arm and the seat. So all of the parts can be taken off and repaired and then screwed back on. It seems that these chairs will be very easy to repair.

I measured the seat, arm and back of the chairs and stapled the material to the underside of the chair seat, the same for the arm of the chair. The back was easy, I measured and sewed something like a pillow case and just slipped it over the back seat.

Well I have completed one chair, (above)and set into motion to complete the rest. I have always wanted strong chairs such as these. Now I have. It did not cost me a thing. All the materials I needed, I already had. This was a good deal. Well as they say "one man's trash".

To do the same as I have. Look for chairs with removeable seats and/or backs.

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