Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Let Me Tell You What Happened To Me Last Summer

Let Me Tell You What Happened To Me Last Summer.

Well I had ran into a good deal while traveling on the road of being frugal. I had gotten the best deal of my entire life of shopping. I purchased 11 heads of broccoli. Guess for how much? $3 dollars and change. Yes! Why so low you may ask?

I don't know if you have ever experience this, but the broccoli was a nice green and no yellowing anywhere but it was flexible and rubbery and limp. The manager lowered the price because of the condition of the broccoli, thinking it will not sale at the regular price. The broccoli only needed a quick pick me up and that is all.

I took that heavy bag home, and got started. First I washed the broccoli with the veggie wash and rinse it.(Sometimes with vegetables, I would let them sit in the rinse water for a while, to be sure all the vegetable wash is removed)

Then I cut off the bottom of the stalks to enable the broccoli to absorb water. Then I filled a large bowl with cold water from the tap and place the broccoli stem down in the water. I then place the broccoli, bowl and all into the refrigerator and waited for an hour.

And you guess it! Fresh crispy, crunchy broccoli for only $3 dollars and change. I cooked some, blanched then froze some. Hows that for a nice frugal living tip?

You would think that store manager would know that cutting the bottom off broccoli and placing it in water can help most wilting plants.

This can also be done with limp celery, and wilting lettuce.

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