Friday, June 26, 2009

Smaller income

When You Have To Skimp And Save

Sometimes life will do a total shift on you. Forcing you to change your life style cold turkey. You may be the one who bring home the bacon, but now you are bringing home crumbs. This situation can lead to negative thinking and you may become bitter and feel helpless.

Don't Panic
Keep a calm head. Because you can handle this. Be strong. A new day is coming. The smart thing to do is count your blessings. If you have good health and your body is strong, be thankful for these things. Surrounded by your loving family, it is more you can appreciate.

Examine Your Situation
Gather your income from your job. Write down and total your income. You will need this information to decide what you may need to do without. Because of the change in your income, you have to make changes in how you and your family live. Remember to do this as a family. Hold a family meeting to explain what is going on. Let the family give their opinions also. It will help the family to grow together and support you in whatever descision you make.

Decide What You Can Do Without
Now you have a big decision to make. Sometimes you must live beneath your means to make it. Write down all your liabilities. List the important bills that MUST be paid. Your rent or mortgage is one, you need a roof over your head. Water bill, you NEED water for many important things. Food is a must have. The Internet service, can you do with out that for a while? Do you have a cell phone and home phone? You can get rid of one to save around 60 or more dollars.

Make The Changes
Once you have decided what you could do without, make the changes. Let your housekeeper go and clean your house yourself. Let the dry cleaners go and choose clothes with washable fabrics. The quicker you start the sooner you situation will level out. Also remember, there are places where you could go for help too. Ask your local Chamber of Commerce, they should have a list of places that can offer help. Some of those places may be Social Services, or an organization that helps those in need, until they can get back on their feet.

Change Your Shopping Habits
You may have to pass up a juicy hunk of t-bone steak to settle for a less expensive cut of meat. Just because it cost less, does not mean it cannot make a tasty meal.

Check newspaper ads on a weekly basis for sales. You also may have to zero in on reduced price merchandise. This can help toward keeping your family budget.  Sometimes store brand items can lower how much you spend on food.

Coupons, don't just cut them out, use them too. You will be surprised what coupons can do for your wallet.  It does take a deal of patiences to handle coupons, but the reward is worth it.  To make it easier shop early to avoid crowds.

Perhaps you want fresh vegetables too. Well it can be done inexpensively by cultivating your own garden.  You know the the high cost of vegetables is murder on many purses. Squash is now around $1.79 a pound. that is about three small squash. Thank of the savings when you start your own garden.

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