Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Beginning A Frugal Life.

On The Road to Frugality

It will take some practice and it is not difficult. Anyone can be frugal.
But first you must ask yourself "Am I willing to live on less?"  Why would
you want to be frugal?

  • Is it because you want to save money for something special?

  • Or is it because you need to stretch what you already have because you are barely making it from paycheck to paycheck?

  • Or maybe it is because you wish to be prepared for whatever may come in the future due to the recession? Inflation?

  • All of the above are very good reasons.
    Decide what you feel you need to improve upon. Find out what must change in your daily habits.

  • Do you wish to learn to shop more thrifty because your usual groceries do not last past a week?

  • Or you want to learn how to stretch your clothing life because you wish to slow down on    purchasing too many clothing?
  • Or maybe you want to recycle, because you see the landfills are bulging from excess waste.

  • Or maybe you wish to cut back on your use of electricity, to save some extra money?

  • Maybe you feel that you are eating out too much and wish to make adjustments in that area?

  • There are many reasons to begin a frugal life. There are many areas of frugality to explore.

    Don't Take On Too Much At One Time.

    You will soon find that trying to follow every thrifty path that you come upon, will drive you insane. It is impossible to take on but so much, and all at once. Always remember this, what works for one person may not work for you. It depends on where you are at this moment in your life and how much you think you can handle.

    So try a few things first and see if it works for you, gradually work up to where you want to be, and add on to that later if that is your wish.

    Start By Finding Out What You Are Spending.

    You have to know where you are spending your hard earned income. Try to keep track of every penny that you spend. Don't leave out anything. Even those tiny expenditures really add up. This, you will find out quickly once you sit down with your notes and see what changes is necessary and what isn't.

    Write down how much you spent for lunch this week or month. Write down the amount of your electric bill for this month, your cable bill, your phone bill. Don't forget your rent or mortgage, water, groceries, gas, insurance, etc. But most importantly keep receipts of everything you buy so that you can get an accurate account of how much you are spending each month. And don't forgot to count the things that you do not get a receipt for, like giving money to friends and/or family.

    Once you have done the above. Try to find ways to cut the cost of each item on your list.

    Example: You may have cable in all of the bedrooms in your house including the living room. To save on electricity and cable and help bring the family closer together, eliminate the televisions in the bedrooms. Everyone can come together in the living room to watch a movie or TV program together. You will accomplish four things by doing this.

    First, The family is together in one room using the lights and TV. Instead of spreading out through out the house with lights burning in all bedrooms, including the living room. This will lower your electric bill.

    Second, Cable bill will now become lower because you have cable in only one room in the house instead of several.

    Third, You can now take the money you saved and put it in the bank.

    Fourth, The family is spending quality time together, which strenghtens the family bond, and draw the family closer together.

    Stick With It

    Once you have fulfilled all of your self imposed frugal assignments, stick with it. Try not to go backwards and allow things to return to the way it once was. Once you and your family have grown accustomed to the new way of things, you will find that you are more happier and feel less burden on your shoulders.

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